About Us

WikiWoo is an electronics buyback company, focusing on the purchase and recycling of consumer electronics including cell phones, tablets, ipods, ipads, macbooks and more. It is our goal to provide convenient outlets via mall locations, or our website for the general public to sell their used devices for instant cash. Not only does this give our customers cash to put towards the purchase of their next device, but also keeps devices and lithium batteries out of landfills, preventing environmental destruction.

WikiWoo began when three Verizon sales reps working in a retail setting began to notice the heavy demand for used cell phones. People would come to the Verizon Store to upgrade their phone and didn’t know what to do with their old one, so we would personally purchase it from them and resell it online. The other scenerio would involve a customer who would come to the store, have a damaged phone, and no upgrade available for a new phone which left them with no choice but to buy a used phone from one of us. The Vision was born. Pay cash to the people who want to get rid of their old phones and sell them to the people that needed a used phone!!

We opened our doors in late 2012 with our first physical buyback location in Oxmoor Mall in Louisville, KY. It was an instant hit with our customers as they were in disbelief that they could walk into the mall with a used cell phone and walk out with cash in their hand...instantly!! We have added more locations as the business grows and have aspirations to have locations all over the country to provide the highest level of convenience to our customers.

We take great pride in our customer service, customer satisfaction, protecting the environment and helping customers get cash for their old devices so they can put it toward the purchase of the latest device that they so strongly desire. Come visit a location near you or sell your phone on this website and see just how easy it can be!! WikiWoo...WE PAY YOU!!