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General Questions

WHAT TYPE OF ITEMS DOES WIKIWOO BUY? Wikiwoo buy's new, used, and broken mobile devices and electronics. We primarily buy back cellular phones and tablets like the iPad, however, we also purchase Macbooks as well. If your item is not listed on our website, we still may be able to purchase it. Click Here to request a customized quote.

CAN I SELL AN ITEM THAT IS NOT LISTED ON THE WEBSITE? Yes, If your item is not listed on our website, please fill out a custom quote by clicking HERE. We will respond with the trade in value of the item. If there is no trade in value, we may still be able to recycle it for you.

HOW DO I IDENTIFY MY ITEM? Most items have the model number either under the battery, engraved on the back, or in under settings when the item is powered on. If you are having difficulty, we are here to help, you can

Click here to chat!

IS THERE A LIMIT TO HOW MANY ITEMS I CAN SELL? No, there are no limits. You can trade in as many items as you are able.

IS MY ITEM WORTH MORE IF I SEND ANY ACCESSORIES? We currently do not accept any accessories for your item. Please send in the item only. We do not accept any chargers, headphones, cases, etc.

WHAT HAPPENS TO ALL THE ELECTRONICS? Wikiwoo is a trade-in and recycling service. All items that are purchased by us or received by us are either restored and resold, sold for salvageable parts, or recycled in accordance with EPA standards.

Payment Questions

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR ME TO RECEIVE PAYMENT? As soon as we receive your item, payment will be issued within 1 business day. If you selected check as your method of payment, it should arrive within 3 to 5 business days. Payment may be delayed if the item did not match the original order (for instance if the item is not the correct model or condition). If the item does not match the original order then a re-quote will be sent via email. If the new quote price is denied, then wikiwoo will ship your item back to you at no charge.

WHAT TYPE OF PAYMENT OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE? You may elect to receive payment by check or by Paypal.

Security/Data Protection Questions

WHAT HAPPENS TO THE PERSONAL DATA ON MY PHONE OR DEVICE? We take your security and privacy very seriously. All items purchased by us or received by us undergo a hard factory reset. Any personal information will be completely erased from your device. If not already removed, all sim cards will be removed and properly disposed of. More details may be seen in our Privacy Policy.

WHY SHOULD I TRUST WIKIWOO? Wikiwoo, LLC is a trusted company. We are certified with the BBB and have handled thousands of trade-ins. In addition to our website, we operate several trade-in mall locations throughout the nation. At these locations we have served thousands of satisfied customers and we have too big of a reputation to fail our online customers. We operate our business with the highest ethical standards and practices and always put our customer base at the center of all we do. If you have any questions about our company or desire any further assurance please contact us at 1-502-509-4464 Mon-Fri 9:30am-5:00pm EST or you can send us a message HERE.

SHOULD I REMOVE MY SIM CARD FROM MY PHONE OR DEVICE? Yes, it is good practice to remove your sim card from any device that you are trading in. If you forget to remove your sim card, we will remove it for you and ensure it's proper disposal.

Selling Your Item

I'M NOT SURE WHAT MY ITEM'S CONDITION IS, HOW CAN I TELL? On the product page there is a description of each condition underneath the condition title (Broken, Good, Perfect). 9 out of 10 working items are in Good Condition. Please see the description below the title to help you discover the condition of your item.

WHAT IF WIKIWOO FINDS MY ITEM IS IN A DIFFERENT CONDITION THAN WHAT WAS ON THE ORIGINAL ORDER? If your item does not match the original order then we will send you a re-quote. A re-quote will calculate a new offer price that will compensate for the differences in the item type or condition. If you do not wish to sell your item at the new re-quoted price, wikiwoo will gladly return your item to you at no cost. Please make sure the model and condition of your item match your order before sending us your item.

WHAT IS AN ESN, MEID, OR IMEI? These three terms refer to the electronic serial number of a phone or tablet. It is basically the electronic identity of your device and is used to connect your device with a particular service (Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, etc.). The ESN, MEID, or IMEI will need to be disconnected from it's current service before selling your item to wikiwoo in order to receive the quoted price. The item will not be able to be used until the ESN is disconnected and free for use (See following question for instruction on how to disconnect your device).

HOW DO I MAKE SURE MY ITEM IS DISCONNECTED AND THE ESN IS CLEAR TO BE USED? You will need to contact the carrier of your phone or device. See below to locate your carrier number: AT&T: 1-800-331-0500 Verizon: 1-800-922-0204 T-Mobile: 1-800-866-2453 Sprint: 1-888-211-4727

HOW DO I DEACTIVATE "FIND MY IPHONE"? Step 1 Tap the Settings icon on your iPhone to enter into the phones settings Step 2 Scroll down the Settings menu and click on the iCloud option Step 3 Scroll down to the "Find My iPhone" option and make sure the button is turned off by switching it to the left position

Shipping Questions

HOW DO I PACKAGE MY ITEMS FOR SHIPMENT? You can pack your item by wrapping it in multiple layers of bubble wrap. You can also use old newspapers or magazines to provide adequate protection. Be sure to use a sturdy box that is big enough to allow for a couple of inches of space between the box and the device you are shipping. Once your item is in the box, be sure to use plenty of tape around any edges that may be prone to opening. Once you have printed the label out, tape the label securely to the box. Try to make sure the barcode is free of any folds or creases. You can then drop your item off at your local post office or provide it to your local mail carrier from the comfort of your home.

WHAT HAPPENS IF MY ITEM IS LOST DURING SHIPPING? All items that are shipped to us are insured and covered in case the item is lost during shipment. The insurance only applies to items that have been scanned in by the post office or mail carrier proving that the item has been shipped. Every item that is shipped with USPS is scanned once the item is picked up. If the item was never scanned, then there is no proof that the item has ever been shipped. In these cases, insurance will not cover claims of lost items. Please be sure to write down the tracking number of any shipped items or take an image of the shipping label for your personal records.

CAN I TRACK MY ITEM ONCE IT HAS BEEN SHIPPED? Yes, all items will be trackable through USPS. Please make sure you record the tracking number on your printed label.

DO I NEED TO GO TO THE POST OFFICE IN PERSON TO SHIP MY ITEM? No, you may give your box to your local mail carrier who can scan your item and pick it up from the comfort of your home or business. You may also take your item to the post office if you desire.

WHERE DO I SHIP MY ITEM IF I SIMPLY WANT TO RECYCLE MY ITEM? We do offer recycling services for cell phones and tablets that no longer have resell value. Please ship items to the following address and be sure to indicate that the items are being shipped to us for recycling purposes only:
10101 Linn Station Rd, Ste. 525
Louisville, KY 40223